England Travel, Nearest Playground-World cup 2019

England Travel,Nearest playground-World cup 2019


England suffices to be one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world (especially since post-Brexit, the pound has weakened and the country has become cheaper to visit).

Most travelers tend to stick to London, which is appreciable — it’s a great city! anyway, backpacking around England was one of the highlights of all my travels in Europe.

England’s smaller cities, like Bath and Oxford, are equally as nimble with a lot of culture and fewer crowds. Liverpool, the place of birth  The Beatles, boasts a rich musical history.

Things to See and Do in England

1. Buckingham Palace:

Buckingham Palace, home to the Queen of England, is an attractive sight and, at 11:30 am, the changing of the guards happens. If you want to monitor out the palace, admission is 37 GBP ($47 USD), with discounts available for seniors, students, groups, and families. (It’s a bit too costly for me so I just enjoy the free grounds!)

2. Visit the Tower of London:

Here you can see the coronet jewels of England, the typical beefeater guards, and check out where England’s most egregious prisoners were held. It’s costly to visit, though, costing 27.50 GBP ($36 USD) and lines are long so planned ahead.

3. Go to Brighton:

Brighton is an eminent little town for a weekend trip. There are lots of shops, boutiques, cafes. The streets are small, creating intimate weather as you walk around the lanes. The city is a famous and a pop summer destination for locals who come here to relax on the beach, enjoy the fleeting summer sun, and wander the pier where there are satisfaction rides and a few carnival style stalls to check out.

4. Learn in Liverpool:

Liverpool has fabulous exhibition museums, however, the genuine motivation to come here is for the music, or all the more explicitly, for The Beatles. Other than the music, Liverpool has a rich history and fun bars, so don’t sell it.

5. Check out the Chatsworth House:

Situated in Derbyshire, this stunning home was initially built in 1549 for the Duke and Duchess of Devonshire. While there are many beautiful houses and manors all through the UK, this is one of the most astonishing. There are additionally a dazzling patio nursery and farmyard to stroll around.

6. Oxford University:

There are many universities inside Oxford and every one of them are beautiful. Most cost a couple of dollars to get a visit amid your visit, and you can even observe the one where they taped Harry Potter. I thought they were beautiful, and the visits gave an entrancing history of instruction as Oxford is one of the most established universities on the planet.

7. Go to the festivals:

England is known for its festivals, particularly amid the late spring. Make certain to check out the celebrated (and sloppy!) Glastonbury celebration. There are additionally plenty of enormous summer festivals in England, so do your exploration and check out the lineup.

8. Stonehenge:

Stonehenge, located in Salisbury, is one of the oldest man-made builds in the world (it dates back to 2,500 B.C.!). You can’t go up to the stones anymore, but it’s quite a fascinating site, moreover since we still have very little idea how they dragged the stones there. The audio tour is clearly worth getting so you can get some historical context to the stones.

9. Old Trafford:

This stadium in Manchester contains a popular club, theater, and sports arena. I highly recommend a visit. The tour is terrible, and takes you below the stadium seating, into the player’s lounge and even the pitch side dugout. A visit to the onsite museum will give you some football history as well.

10. Gaze in awe at Ely Cathedral:

Also known as the ‘Ship of the Fens’, this cathedral is visible ever in Ely and from miles around. Originally built in the 12th century, it’s famous for its Romanesque architecture, complete with a stunning entrance and an octagonal lantern tower. The Lady Chapel is the greatest in all of England.

Where To Stay in England:

Seeing And Hearing for a place to stay on your travels? My favorite places in England are the following:

1. Astor Hyde Park (London)

2. St. Christopher’s (London)

3. Clink78 Hostel (London)

4. Hatters at Hilton Chambers (Manchester)

5. YHA Manchester (Manchester)

6. HA Bristol (Bristol)

7. The Full Moon Backpackers (Bristol)

8. YHA Brighton (Brighton)

9. Baggies Backpackers Brighton (Brighton)

10. YHA Liverpool (Liverpool)

11. Embassie Liverpool Backpackers (Liverpool)

When to Go to England:

On account of its temperate atmosphere, visiting England all year is agreeable as there are not many weather limits. Summer is crest the travel industry season, and temperatures are the hottest amid the mid-year – yet seldom ever above 86°F (30°C). In spite of the fact that visitor locales and attractions will overflow with individuals, there’s likewise an extraordinary climate noticeable all around. Individuals take advantage of the warm weather, and there are continually huge amounts of occasions and celebrations happening everywhere throughout the nation.

Spring (late March to June) and autumn (September to November) are also excellent times to visit, as temperatures are still warm and it’s drier than other times throughout the year. Plus with the seasons alternative, you’ll see either gorgeous spring flowers in bloom or the leaves turning color in the autumn. Just be ready for a little rain here and there.

Winter ending from December to February and tourism crowds will thin out dramatically during this time. You can still do plenty of sightseeing, although further north (or in hilly areas) some attractions may be closed for the season. Temperatures rarely dip below 41°F (5°C).

Top 10 Cricket Stadiums In England in world cup 2019

Since many decennaries, the country has been a host of some of the most iconic events in the history of cricket. And with the impending test series, it is evident that the cricket stadiums in England will again brim with the excited audience scream at the top of their voice. Thus to ignite that sporting spirit inside the travelers, here is a list of 10 best England stadium that is known for much more than cricket.

1. Ageas Bowl

Location: West End, Hampshire

Established on: 2001

Capacity: 15,000 (25,000 with temporary seating)

Fact about the stadium: A 171-bedroom Hilton hotel has just uncovered at the ground which also offers spa and restaurant, which gives the chance to stay close to the ground.

2. Edgbaston

Location: Birmingham, UK

Established on: 1882

Capacity: 25,000 people

Fact about the stadium: Edgbaston was the host of the rhapsody clash battle between Australia and England in the 2005 Ashes.

3. Lords

Location: London, UK

Established on: 1814

Capacity: 28,000

Fact about the stadium: The stadium has a heritage of having lunch at the Lord’s Tavern and enjoys a meal of their famous British beef burgers on the first Test match of summer.

4. Headingley

Location: Headingley, Leeds

Established on: 1890

Capacity: 17,500

Fact about the stadium: The stadium hosted its first concert in 2015, where Ska band Madness acted in front of 7,500 people

5. Trent Bridge

Location: West Bridgford, Nottingham

Established on: 1841

Capacity: 17,500

Facts about the stadium: Before hosting cricket matches, the Trent Bridge was known for hosting football matches and the Notts County Football Club was known for playing at this ground since the 1860s

6. The Oval

Location: Kennington, London, UK

Established on: 1845

Capacity: 23,500

Fact about the stadium: The Oval stadium was the first sports arena to have the original gas lamps in 1889.

7. County Ground Bristol

Location: Nevil Road, Ashley Down, Bristol

Established on: 1889

Capacity: 8,000

8. Sophia Gardens

Location: Cardiff, Wales

Established on: 1893

Capacity: 15,643

The reality about the stadium: The stadium was one of the hosting venues for the 2013 ICC champions trophy along with Oval and Edgbaston.

9. The Riverside

Location: Chester-Le-Street, County, Durham

Established on: 1995

Capacity: 17,000

The reality about the stadium: The cricket ground hosted its first cricket match in 18th May 1995 played by Durham and Warwickshire.

10. Old Trafford

Location: Old Trafford, Greater Manchester, England

Established on: 1857

Capacity: Domestic- 19,000, International- 26,000, Concerts- 50,000

The reality about the stadium: The Old Trafford ground hosted its first Ashes Test in England in July 1884.

Travel agency

The best England travel agency list:

1. Topdeck

2. Stoke Travel

3, Bamba Experience

4, Discovery Nomads

5. Authentic London Walks

6. Brit Movie Tours

7. Trafalgar

8. Sherpa Expeditions

9. Urban Adventures

10. See London By Night

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