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In the Uluru national park in Australia, there are some best hotels Uluru accommodation which I will share with you from my own experience. Before booking your hotels, you must have to follow some step to book. You have to know which service they will give provide in your package. In this fact, There has some package to book. In this fact, economics is the best thing to select any hotels in Uluru. If you want to get wonderful hotels, You need to spend a lot of money. So, You must have the capability to maintain economics. You will also get the best things to do in Urulu hotels. I am sharing now the best hotels accommodation in the Uluru which is described in the below.

Hotels near Uluru/Hotels near Me

  1. Longitude 131
  2. Sails in the Desert
  3. Desert Gardens Hotel, Ayers Rock Resort
  4. Curtin Springs Wayside Inn
  5. Outback Pioneer Hotel & Lodge, Ayers Rock Resort

Facilities of Hotels Uluru:

1.Longitude 131

Location & Beauty:

The famous Longitude 131 Hotels is located in the Australia Centre, Yulara Drive, Yulara NT 0872. The most popular & Luxury Hotels in Uluru is Longitude which offers you for an essential own experience of Australia’s lively heartland. This is also central to stay discovery of the world heritage listed, there are luxury spaces which will make you relax with an exclusive style.

Longitude 131 Rates:

There is also a bunch of 15 Luxury wilderness tents which has a set apart from the rest Yulara and the resort of Ayers Rock Resort. The Longitude hotels minimum cost per night is $2040. Noted that, You can only stay two nights there & your children under 12 years are never allowed.

Eat & Drink in the Longitude 131:

Australian luxury hotel Longitude offers own customer to the best service by food and wine. You can get easily Dune House with its own panoramic view and soaring roof which is central of longitude. In the feel open bar, they stocked at top-shelf selection Australian wines and beers as well as a testable premium spirit. The most popular Australian wines & beer has been selected to comprise a beverage list menu.

Breakfast in the Longitude 131

The longitude hotels offer you to take breakfast by various menu from the early morning with a satisfied appetite. these offers are suitable for your healthy, tasty & selection which match your body & fitness. You can get also local twist, French Toast, Eggs benedicts, fresh berries, native lemon myrtle and the Classic Big Breakfast with greatly.

Lunch in the Longitude 131

When You have completed breakfast and started to walk for relaxing with a book by the pool, you will be reaching soon Lunch Ideas for doing Lunch Longitude 131. This hotel explains some extra lunch items for their own cultural & abroad items. There are three courses cart menu offers for a selection of seasonal dishes and a perfect planned lunch which is called ‘Elegant Sufficiency’. There are some items which are Scallops, Paperbark wrapped Muray River Cod & Kangaroo caparccio. The Australian Wine & Beer is also included. Eating cake of Lodge is memorable something which you will never forget. You can make the best-enjoyed journey with a Cuppa.

Dinner in the Longitude 131

The dinner of Longitude has been designed by four courses selection with different choices option, For this reason, guest can take their dinner by own choices. The most popular dinner items are Australian Roast lumber, Daintree rainforest, chocolate mouse & Macerated quandongs. The Dune top dining may be booked before arrival Longitude 131.

2.Sails in the Desert

Location & Beauty

From Uluru National Park of Australia in the main point of Australia’s red center, Sails in the desert hotel nice Uluru’s raw of natural sweet beauty with planned premium holiday’s experience. This hotel is more attractive with great designing which makes you satisfied with keeping the past old culture. This hotel provides free shuttle bus service and room wifi service from Airport. All of the quality of Sails in the Desert is one of the top hotels in Urulu.

Eating & Drinking on the Sails in the Desert

To eat and drink on the Sails in the Desert is so much easy & enjoyable. You will get different kinds of place to walk and do relax. You can get there huge access to pass your time by your favorite choice way. To make your enjoyable trip, You can book this beautiful Hotel and Enjoy Much.

Breakfast on the Sails in the Desert

After your sleeping, You will be fresh and need to breakfast near the Sails in the desert. This hotel offers you to do breakfast in their own hotel by your own choice by the different package. If you booked Superior room, Your package would be included exclusive of Buffet Breakfast. This hotel Provides also different quality package which you will be known from there package. You can do breakfast Ilkari Restaurant near of this Hotel.

Lunch on the Sails in the Desert

The sails in the Desert Hotel accommodation is an exceptional range by its own service. After passing time from the morning, by walking or others, then you will be tired. Then it will be needed lunch which has offered already by Sails in Desert Hotels. You will also get Walpa Lobby Bar near these hotels to take Pitjantjatjara name of Wind also provides the greatest quality of Coffee and Cake.

Dinner on the Sails in the Desert

For the Dinner of Sails in the Desert Hotel, You can select a different restaurant. The most popular Restaurants are Sound of Silence, Kulata Academy cafe, Tali Wuru & Ilkari Restaurant which provides their service with tasted food quality. These restaurants provide indigenous foods with there own local food too. You can eat on your own like.

3.Desert Gardens Hotel, Ayers Rock Resort

Location & Beauty

In the 1 Yulara Dr. Yulura NT 0872 Australia, There is an exclusive offered Hotel named Desert Gardens which is located Northen Territory’s Red Centre. Desert Garden hotel has all the resort facilities and offers to give people enjoyment much. This Desert Garden hotel offers to stay their air-conditioned room with panoramic view, Desert Garden is also a part of Ayers Rock Resort. This Hotel offers you a minimum room rate price 250$ per night. This hotel provides you some private balcony, outdoor pool with Spa facilities, shops & Cafe. You can enjoy your relax time by the hotel pool. By the way, this is also top-level hotels which you can select by your own choice.

Eating & Drinking on Desert Garden Hotel

The Desert Garden Hotel provides many top-level restaurants for servicing their customer to give facilities and service. In the Trivago the Zion national park also near the Desert hotels. This hotel offered special food items for different item package. You can book before booking your package. You can get the local beer near the hotel.

Breakfast on Desert Garden Hotel

The Desert Hotel offers to get easily accommodation Ayers rock and EMU walk apartment after completing breakfast from Mangata Bistro Bar. This is also the best hotels Ayers rock from the breakfast package of eating food in the Uluru National Park. There is also a Buffet Area to do Breakfast enjoyable.

Lunch on Desert Garden Hotel

After tiredness of walking from the morning, You need to take Lunch. There are some popular restaurants for taking lunch near the Desert Garden Hotel. The most Popular hotels of taking Lunch are Bough House Restaurant, Mangata Bistro Bar & Arnguli Grill & Restaurant. To take your lunch in this area of Desert hotels, You can take lunch here.

Dinner on Desert Garden Hotel

The Desert Hotel offers Arnguli Grill & Restaurant, Ayers Rock Resort’s premier for the dining location. This hotel proves the featuring native Indigenous Flavors. open regular dinner in the Arugula’s outback motivated inside features distinctive abroad artifacts and dramatic Patterned designing carpet.

4.Curtin Springs Wayside Inn

Location & Beauty:

The location of Curtin Springs Wayside Inn hotel accommodation is Lasseter Hwy, Petermann NT 0872, Australia. This is 100km east of Ayers Rock. The Curtin Springs accommodation offers you to take a peek behind the Curtin to make you satisfied with natural. This is also the Older Hotel which was established since 1956. This hotel is also near Kings Canyon areas. The Curtin Accommodation provides its own quality with handmade paper from their native glasses.

Eat & Drinking on Curtin Springs Wayside Inn

The Curtin Springs Wayside Inn offers guest for meals under the historic meals of Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner to be served under the historic Bough Shed from the Real Home-stead. This hotel also offers to serve guest to get easily wine & beer near the hand. In the great Curtin Springs Paper offer also offers the same quality.

5.Outback Pioneer Hotel & Lodge, Ayers Rock Resort

Location & Beauty

The Outback Pioneer Hotel Accommodation is located 2 Yulara Dr, Yulara NT, Australia which fully completed accommodation comfortable & affordable hotel’s room. Outback Pioneer Hotel tries to keep its quality to serve customer from their best trying. So you can book this hotel to get their best service of Outback Pioneer Hotel Accommodation.

Eat & Drinking on Outback Pioneer Hotel & Lodge

The cooking by myself is offered by Outback Pioneer Hotel & Lodge. This hotel also provides you nice beer & quick Food. This Hotel is friendly staff & the food basic of interesting food. There is no problem to eat & drink in the community style food area of Outback.

The environment of Uluru Hotels:

The environment of Longitude 131 is excellent with its local climate. this is warm, sunny days with minimum are the norm for much of the years. There is also some essential point which is more nice & cool, you can visit these 10.30 am to 2.00 pm. These are The Dune House & The Dune top. There is also Spa Kinara which is central to Australia. Other Hotels are also Cool & Friendly staff to make you interested and give you best service. From the above all beauty of nature Uluru, Uluru is the most surprising number of birds and Animal with the great trees. From this fact, Uluru is one of the most popular places in Australia country.

All of the above You will be sure about the hotel accommodation of Uluru. If your traveling is satisfied, This will be my satisfaction.

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